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Monday, April 6, 2009

Describing Sleep

What I think of when the subject of sleep comes to mind:
  • "Little slices of death" (I think it was Poe that said this...)
  • Unfortunate necessity
  • Conscious vacation
  • Pain-in-the-butt
  • Wish I didn't need to
  • Feeling ripped off (as in there should be more to it)
  • Not restful
  • Bad
Maybe I just don't get enough of it, although regardless of how tired I am, I usually wake myself up before an alarm ever goes off. Case in point: I went to bed at about 11:15pm last night and I woke up at about 4:45am this morning. Note that I didn't actually have to get up until about 5:30am-ish. By my count that's about five and a half hours, give or take. Probably not enough in the grand scheme of things, but more or less typical for me.

Did I sleep well last night? I don't really know. I had some vivid dreams, and while the details escape me, I don't think they were necessarily bad dreams. If anything, they probably had something to do with me solving some kind of problem, which is what most of my dreams center around. Clearly dreaming isn't a problem for me.

Now I will probably try to sleep late (or as late as such things happen for me) on Friday, as I have the day off. Maybe Mr Advil PM will lend a hand with that, as just one of those things really knocks me out. That's where I can maybe sleep in until about 8am or so. How freaky does that sound? "Sleep in until about 8am"; I know people that can sleep until about 11am or so on a regular basis if they had the opportunity.

One thing is for sure: if I'm this much of a nut with how much sleep I currently get, I wonder what I would be like with even less?

As I type this I have a very large (about 24+ pounds) domestic house cat sleeping about two feet from me, snoring. Go figure.

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