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Friday, April 17, 2009

Road Apples, #24

Sprung Spring
It looks like Spring may have finally "sprung", this after we had nearly frost (well there was some on my windshield) yesterday morning. It has to warm up, as I am taking next Friday off to plant flowers. I know, it's best to wait until early May for flower planting in this part-o-world, but I have this ritual where I plant flowers on or near my birthday. Well damn it, I'm planting flowers next Friday, come whatever!

Yesterday I had five meetings and a class, and I got in a work-out before 10am. Part of me wonders if I try and do too much, which is laughable in a sense because the other part of me says "there is no such thing as too much". I do know that I get bored at the drop of a hat, so keeping busy is actually pretty important to me. I simply don't like just sitting around, as it I end up feeling physically and mentally not as well. Anyway, the schedule today is a bit more "human", so maybe I'll not feel as wiped out Saturday morning. Oh, did I mention that I feel kind of sore (in the my arms...etc.) this morning?

Monsignor Quinn Leaving
Article here. Prominent local priest, Monsignor Joseph Quinn, will be leaving the Diocese of Scranton for a position at Fordham University. While I've never met the Monsignor, everything I've heard is that he is an outstanding priest and a true man of both God and the community. He will be sorely missed. You have to wonder though if this isn't yet another casualty of the Bishop Martino era? While I am sure that the Monsignor was a "fully compliant" priest, I don't think he was a "dogma first, everything else second" kind of guy. Again, he will be missed. Yet another example of the best and brightest (including former Scrantonians Joe Biden, the Rodham Family, etc.) leaving the area.

Computer Woes
The desktop computer used by my daughters, an e-Machines, was (technically speaking) "jacked up", so I've done a complete system restore back to factory settings. That's gotten rid of the problems, but now I have reinstall all of the software that has been added over the years. Yesterday I loaded Firefox and MS Office. Over the weekend I'll finish up. It's a reminder that computers are machines, and as such they can wear down, break, fail, etc.

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