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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Want To Be A Republican...I Really Do...But...

I want to belong to a party that supports throwing out the Federal Tax code, which you can now measure in feet.

I want to replace the punitive Federal Income Tax with a taxation system that is simple, direct and fair.

I believe that the Federal Government only has those powers explicitly granted to it by the US Constitution.

I believe in living within my means, and I expect the government to do the same.

I want the Federal Government to actually do those things it is supposed to do, like protect our borders.

I believe that my property is just that, my property. As long as I'm not doing anything that impedes the ability of my neighbors to enjoy their property, I should be able to do whatever the hell I want.

I believe that personal responsibility is lacking in our society today, and we have become a group of cry-babies and whiners, looking for some some small wrong to befall us so that we can sue someone and get rich.

I want to belong to a party that was founded in part on the premise that it's wrong to own another human being.

Yes, I want to be a Republican. However, a few things are getting in the way...

I don't believe that ANY government should or is even capable of deciding what is "moral" and what is "immoral".

I believe that abortion is wrong, but I also believe that a NO government should EVER be in a position to tell (for example) a 13 year old rape victim what she must do with something inside her own body. I would advise that person to have the child, but I'M NOT THEM. The thought that a government should have that kind of power should scare the crap out of anyone.

I do not believe that the United States is a "Christian" nation. We were a nation founded by many people who were Christians. There is a big difference. By proclaiming the United States a "Christian" nation, you directly say "No Jews, No Muslims, No Agnostics, No Hindus, etc.", which runs against everything this country stands the United States, it's not your label that's's what you do that really matters.

I do believe that there is racism in this country and that only the Federal Government has the cross-state ability to act against it. That doesn't mean quotas, but it does mean that, for example, if a southern town is 80% black but all the police officers are white, there is a problem.

I do not believe that the government has any business telling you, me or anyone else who we can enter into social and legal contracts with, especially when it comes to marriage. If two men or two women want to get married, then why in the hell should the government care?

I believe that the government needs to stop the double standards when it comes to substance abuse. While I've never tried (nor will I ever try) marijuana, I don't believe that it's any worse of a substance than "legal" alcohol.

I believe that the government needs to protect me from my neighbors when/if they attempt to do things that impede my ability to enjoy my property. Property rights are important, but no one property right is greater than another.

I believe that equating free speech the ability to contribute to campaigns is incredibly stupid. By that logic, a millionaire would have more of a right to free speech than me, as he/she could obviously contribute more than I ever could to a campaign. Free Speech is just that..."Free".

I believe that the US Constitution rightfully protects the right to bear arms, but it doesn't give anyone an open invitation to acquire all the firepower they want. If you believe that there should be no limits to the right to own guns, then where truly is the line? Hell, if you think that someone should be able to own an assault rifle, then why not a machine gun? Why not a flame thrower? Why not a bazooka? Why not a surface-to-air shoulder fired missile? Why not a tank? I'm all for owning a gun or guns for hunting, sport, collecting, etc., but only the military should have military weapons.

I believe that this country was founded by immigrants and we should continue to welcome them as long as they follow the rules.

I believe that conservation isn't just a personal virtue, it is a matter of public policy. Why? Because something like the air doesn't belong to one person or a' belongs to all of us. No one person or one group should have the "right" to pollute it and prevent the rest of us from enjoying it.

This is why I'm stuck in the middle politically.

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