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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rituals of Spring

We all have our own little rituals by which our lives are guided. Some are simple (putting both socks on then both shoes) and some are complex (obsessive compulsive folks who have intricate procedures for the smallest details in life). For me, one the rituals I enjoy is planting flowers in the spring.

Growing up I lived in a housing project, so little things like planting flowers weren't something you were really able to do. At the same time, on occasion I would go to visit relatives of my mother in South Central Pennsylvania who lived (in what seemed at the time) in "mansions". One of the things that struck me about those houses, to this very day, was the smell. As you walked up to the front door, all you smelled were Marigolds. Somewhere in the back of my head that made a connection between "success" and the smell of Marigolds. Amazing how things connect like that.

Anyway, every Spring, right on or before (but never after) my birthday, I plant flowers. In front of my house I have a section set apart with large paver stones. In that section I have Ivy for ground cover (which, unless pruned twice a year by me, would engulf my house), a rose bush, and three large planters. To the right of that I also have another planter, and I have two small planters over my porch railing. Two of the planters (including the one pictured above) are reserved for Marigolds. They have to be the one's furthest from the front door, as not everyone in my house appreciates the lovely smell of Marigolds. The other four planters get other kinds of flowers (Petunias , etc.).

Yesterday was a day off from work for me, so yes, in keeping with my ritual of Spring, Marigolds were in fact planted. I also planted two pots of Petunias. I have to find something for the railing planters...something that hangs a bit but which can grow in a small planters.

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