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Friday, April 3, 2009

Road Apples, #22

Penn State Wins NIT - Penn State won it's second ever basketball tournament last night. Makes me proud as an alumni. Class act? That's Joe Paterno traveling to the tournament to cheer on the basketball team.

It's Friday & It's Going To Rain - Two of my favorite things in the world. Actually, I think my schedule is pretty human today. This week has been relatively kind schedule wise actually. Who knows? Maybe things will be getting humanly tolerable at The Office.

High School Cheerleaders Punished for Being Drunk During Parade - Story link here. What I find interesting here is that some of the parents are upset at the punishment. That says a lot about the parents in question. If it were one of my kids, I would be upset at the punishment too...most likely because the punishment wouldn't be severe enough. Unless the punishment involved caning, then it wasn't too severe. The girls screwed up. Enough with parents trying to rationalize, excuse, soft-pedal bad behavior. A big part of what's wrong with this country is the inability of folks to accept personal responsibility for their actions...from CEOs running companies into the ground to people receiving public assistance who shouldn't.

Tax Time - I have actually file my Federal Taxes this weekend. Yes, I actually completed them back in early February, but since I owe money (about $400), I decided to wait until April to actually send them in. Katrina also owes about $50 in city income tax, which she gave me the money for, so I'll pay that as well. Ideally I should be looking at my withholding this year so that I could come closer to breaking even. Will I? Probably not. Things are just too tight in that regard, so I'll cast my fate to chance and hope that next year's bonus is a little better than what I got this year. Hmmmm, I think this is fitting...

This Weekend - In addition to finishing taxes, I'm hoping to get some clean-up work done in the basement. Lowe's has a small freezer on clearance, and I'd love nothing more than to get it and replace the old refrigerator/freezer I have in the basement. The only thing standing in the way is having a clean spot (elevated off the floor) to put it.

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