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Friday, July 26, 2013

Selling the Stuff (das Haus verlassen, #3)

Tomorrow is the day when we try and sell some of the stuff that my mother accumulated over the years.

It's almost rather odd actually...this is, in part, what happens to us after we die...our "stuff" is divided up and sold.  Now in fairness, I'm actually including some of the stuff I don't want any more in this sale, so it's a kind of dual purpose event.  In the end, I hope there is just simply less laying around.  

Part of the method to all of this madness is to get the house ready for sale.  Things are staring to fall into place:  I've had some work done in my bathroom & kitchen, shutters have been replaced, there has been much painting accomplished, and cleaning has been on-going.  There are more things to do, but by and large the bigger projects are either completed or in progress.  Now to empty the house out some more.

Major "props" go out to my brother Rich, who is the hardest working man I know.  

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