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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

das Haus verlassen #1

Well I guess I'm committed to this whole thing, not that there was any chance I wouldn't be, mind you.  It's just that the whole thing is so "big".

I'm speaking about the whole notion of putting the house for sale.

As I've noted here before, my plan has never been to live long term at this current residence.  I bought it years ago with my ex-wife and mother, lived here for a while and moved; my mother continued to live here until her death.  I returned for stay #2 in late 2010, living on the side that my mother originally occupied.  It took me forever to unpack when I moved in; I think it was well into 2011 before I stopped having to maneuver around moving boxes.  Now this place is slowly but surely being turned into some kind of moving command center.  And an estate command center.  And home repair center.  Oh, and I'm still living here.

This place has never really seemed like "home".  The closest thing to a "home" I ever really had was an apartment in a housing project, truth be told, and while that place still stands, I can't say that I've been by there in a long time.  The rest of the places...Duke Street in York (torn down in the late 90's), a crappy rental home in West Scranton (still standing...looks like the current residents cook Crystal Meth there), Prospect Avenue...were all just "places I lived".

Maybe in all of these places I've actually been searching for a home.  Who knows.  That sounds like a question that is, well, above my pay grade.

Anyway, now there is much to do.  The initial meeting with the Realtor was yesterday, and we have a plan mapped out that should get the house on the market in early August.  Between now and then there are a few other things to do, including some improvements on this side of the house.

The good news?  Once I get a plan I'm kind of like the Terminator:  I don't stop.

The bad news?  I don't have firm plans for what happens when I end up being successful.  I was thinking about living under my desk in my office at work (hey, we do have showers!), but I don't think that I'd be able to hide Jean-Luc.  Not that the office couldn't use an official cat, by the way.

Regardless, this too will all happen as it is supposed to.

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