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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Road Apples, #138

German Titles....It''s worth noting that, when you give a posting a title that's in German, your hits from Germany seem to increase.  Whoda thought?

Three Large Garbage Bags...This was the count, as of Thursday, July 4th, of shredded paper after I cleaned out my old financial records.  Thank goodness for the Vietnam-era war surplus shredder I acquired in 2011.  Mind you it was hot enough to fry an egg after about bag two.  Too much hoarding.

The older you get...the hotter summers seem to become.  Just saying.  Global Warming?  Who knows.  That maybe expanding Steve waistline.

In the "Yeah, we kinda knew that already department"...The Scranton Times ran a story in today's edition detailing the Scranton School District's policy (or lack thereof) for hiring "non-professional" position, such as clerical and maintenance workers.  The revelation?  The District is basically an employment agency for friends and relatives of board members.  Nice try Scranton Times, you're about 30 years too late.  Want to make a REAL impact?  Then publish the names of all district employees who are relatives of current or past Directors.  Now I know for an absolute fact that there are many hard-working, dedicated individuals working for the Scranton School District.  I also know that there are few hacks, and  that once hired, it's exceedingly difficult to get fired from the District.

Director Lesh is wrong...In the same article referenced directly above, sitting Director Robert Lesh commented about how the District's policy for hiring non-professionals is what also exists in the private sector.  Nice try Sparky.  Yes, I know of friends and relatives that have been hired at my employer.  I also know that when those same friends and relatives don't perform, they are let go.  Now how often does that happen in the Scranton School District.  Hmmm, let me see...think...think...think...oh, I know:  almost freak'n never!

Four degrees...was the difference in temperature between Scranton and Wyoming yesterday.  In twelve miles the air temperature increased by that much.  There is definitely something to this climate change stuff.  Maybe, just maybe, noted climatologist Rush Limbaugh and the 3% of climate scientists that agree with him are wrong.

Climate Change Statistics in Perspective...97% of scientists in the field of studying climate agree that the Earth is getting warmer and that human activity is causing the change.  Reference HERE.  Now people like Rush Limbaugh rant against this consensus and almost always drag out some scientist from a corner of the world with claims that everyone else is wrong and that somehow all is okay.  To help put this in perspective though, let's play a little exercise:  instead of talking about climate change, let's talk about your health.  Assume that you go to your doctor, and after a series of tests, he determines that you have ear-lobe cancer (which, by the way, is quite deadly).  Now you are a wealth individual, so money is no object in terms of your treatment options, but you want to make absolutely sure that you do, in fact, have ear-lobe cancer.  So you schedule a second opinion, and once again the diagnosis comes back that you do, in fact, have ear-lobe cancer.  Undeterred, you schedule 98 more "second" opinions.  When the results come back, 97 of the 100 doctors you visited state conclusively that you do, in fact, have deadly ear-lobe cancer.  Oh, and by the way, of the 3 who said you don't have ear-lobe cancer, one is a doctor from the Ukraine with a shady reputation, that you heard about on a radio show hosted by a former drug addict that also sells dubious financial transactions.  So what do you do?  Do you act on 97% opinion, or do you believe the 3%?

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