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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A few random & final thoughts on Trayvon Martin

As I noted the other day, no matter what else is discussed regarding the George Zimmerman case, one thing always needs to be kept in mind:  Trayvon Martin is dead.  The pain that his parents must feel, still, is unimaginable.  I should say that "normally" it is unimaginable; in the case of Trayvon Martin's family, they have to contend with the on-going media circus surrounding their son's death, which probably propels all of the normal grief into stratospheric heights.

The above noted, there are a few final thoughts I have on this whole sad case.

Trayvon Martin is not a  Civil Rights hero...he is a 17 year old kid who died needlessly.  Comparisons to others, such as Medgar Evers, seem misplaced at best, silly at worst.  Reference HERE.

George Zimmerman is no Klansman.  Painting a picture of this man as some kind of Klan operative out to kill a black kid is just ridiculous.  Call George Zimmerman a "pathetic cop wannabe" and I'll believe you.  Call him an "idiot" and I will probably believe you again.  Heck, I think he's a murderer, having (in my opinion) committed manslaughter.  All of these labels have some proof attached to them; I've not, however, seen anything that points to George Zimmerman as a racist thug.  He's no more a racist than Trayvon Martin was a pot-head.  The whole racist angle seems to me to be an excuse to attempt a legal "do-over" on George Zimmerman.  Like it or not, George Zimmerman was acquitted.  Period.

The above noted, racism is alive and well in America...and the media plays it up for money.  Sorry, but it's true.  I am particularly disgusted with Fox News, which seems to have gone to great lengths to blame Trayvon Martin for his own death.  I'm surprised that Fox didn't try and tie Trayvon Martin to the Crips or the Bloods.  It reminds me of defense attorneys that paint rape victims as somehow "asking for it".  How many photos of bloody George Zimmerman where shown on Fox News?  Tons.  How many pictures of a dead Trayvon Martin or the injuries he sustained?  None that I've ever seen.  Oh, but that would be in "bad taste".  Yeah, right.  That's like complaining about the obesity epidemic...while eating at Burger King.

Trayvon Martin's case isn't about's about a series of incredibly stupid decisions by one young man, George Zimmerman.  In American idiots are not only allowed to own guns, they seem to be actually encouraged to own guns (why do you think they sell them at WalMart????), which while sad, isn't really the central issue of this case.  The central issue of this case is George Zimmerman, who was bound and determined to take his "cop wannabe" act to just one step further; the fact that he had a gun just made it worse.

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