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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your parents lied to you: monsters are real.

I first heard about THIS STORY in the Right to Gripe blog (see the left sidebar) and have been following it since it broke in the Scranton Times.  It's one of those  things that you read and you just can't quite believe it.  How anyone can treat another human being this way, let alone a child, is beyond my ability to comprehend.

To Mr Caravella and Ms Hann all I can say is this:  I hope that one day it dawns on you as to just what you have done, because shy of execution, I'm thinking that would be the most fitting punishment available for your heinous crimes.

To the young man involved, I sincerely hope that he is able to turn himself back into a functional human being.  Maybe, just maybe, he might even be able to turn this horror into something beneficial for others.  The world needs people who can truly emphasize with the abused, be it as someone in law enforcement, social services or some other human-services field.

Yupp, monsters are real.

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