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Monday, June 13, 2011

Is there a town named "Kenya" in Hawaii or Illinois?

From the Huffington Post:

Herman Cain:  Obama was raised in Kenya

Maybe Mr Cain is just geographically challenged.

This is right up there with the President having attended a radical Muslim school in Indonesia.  In point of fact he did attend a Muslim school in Indonesia, but he also attended a Catholic school as well.  Hey, instead of a Muslim, maybe Obama is secretly a Catholic?

Anyway, for more factual reading on this stuff, see THIS reference.

I don't agree with about half of what the President has done (such as his pandering to Harry Reid decision about Yucca Mountain), but the lies and falsehoods about his background from people who should know better borders on hilarious.


Edward Ott said...

It is amazing how this is still being repeated. whether you like the president or not Obama was born in America.

Stephen Albert said...

A conservtive...Bernard Goldberg...referenced "belivers" in a column he wrote the other day that basically made the point that there are people out there that want to believe something so badly that actual facts and logic become irrelevant. For some conservative Republicans that's definitely the case with Obama and this crap.

thor said...

The "FACT" is: Obama has yet to produce a verifiable birth certificate. A pdf file does not cut it as proof. His parents, Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham's marriage/divorce decree are not on public records in Hawaii and should be verifiable, but they are not.

Stephen Albert said... you think the moon landings were faked as well?

Anonymous said...

Prove it...

Stephen Albert said...

Anonymous...prove what?

Anonymous said...

Funny how liberals can spot a forged document, unless it's a birth certificate! SMH!

Anonymous said...

Here is some more evidence on the fact that Obama "was not" born in America

Stephen Albert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen Albert said...

"Anonymous" -

Two things:

First, you must start commenting using your own name. It's hard to take anyone seriously who won't even sign their name to something. Note that I sign my name to everything in this blog...good, bad or indifferent, so unlike Congress, I actually abide by the rules I set for others. Future postings by you under "Anonymous" will not be allowed.

Second, you seriously want me to consider a birther/tea-bagger blog as somehow "proof" that Obama was born in Kenya? HELLO! That's like saying "read this North Korean news report for factual information about South Korea's human rights record".

- Steve