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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Apples, #101

President Mitt...Mitt Romney is set to state the obvious and announce his candidacy for President.  I predict a very good hair day.

I find Mr Romney to be far less objectionable than many of the others in the current Republican field.  What's more, he supports health care mandates.  Wait, does he?  I'm not sure.  It's all so very confusing.

One the rubs against Mitt is that he is rather boring.  Being boring is okay though in the primaries, as we always have Santorum saying stupid things to keep it interesting.  This includes such hits as implying that  John McCain doesn't understand harsh interrogation tactics.  Ahhh Ricky...he kinda was tortured once.

Super-Bug...and I'm not talking about a 70's vintage Beetle either.  Apparently the stain of E. Coli that has caused many a German to get sour (get it..."Sour Kraut") is some new version that is particularly toxic.  Given the German propensity for eating cured meats, I'm thinking it would have to be in order to make them sick.  Still no word on the source of the tainted veggies.

Leeloo Dallas, Multi-Pass...I love the movie The 5th Element, and there is a scene that I quote where Milla Jovovich's character holds out an ID and says in this thick accent "Leeloo Dallas, multi-pass" whenever I come up to an EZ Pass toll booth on the PA Turnpike.  Problem was that I didn't have an EZ Pass.  Problem now solved, as I joined the ranks of the EZ Pass(ed).  This should come in handy as make trips down to West Chester to move my youngest daughter into college.

The Enforcer...It was noted in an article appearing in yesterday's Scranton Times that the husband of Scranton City Council President Janet Evans basically told a reporter that she would not be talking to that particular version of the press.  I guess that makes Mr Evans the de facto press secretary for Ms Evans.  Interesting stuff, particularly given the fact that Ms Evans is reportedly interested in becoming Scranton's first female mayor.  Call me crazy, but I expect my elected politicians to talk to the press, frequently.

On the Flip Side...I can almost (note the word "almost") understand the reluctance of Mr Evans to allow his wife to talk to the Scranton Times, as they have been fairly tough on Ms Evans over the years, especially over the past few months.  Why?  Well Ms Evans is apparently trying (or was trying) to get a disability approved by her former employer, the Scranton School District.  I've noted this before, but while I certainly respect the right of Ms Evans (or anyone else) to keep confidential medical information private, the basic facts and circumstances of her claim should be a matter of public record.  She was employed by the public, so the public should know whether or not she has filed a claim, the basic nature of the claim (was it an accident?) and why she believed that the injury prohibited her from sitting at a desk for a few hours a day.

Speaking of health...I continue to thoroughly enjoy the ability to now take very deep breathes.  It is a wonderful feeling.  My "cat free zone" seems to be doing the trick, and since I have been off the 'roids now for about a week I can no longer use that as an excuse for flying off the handle.  Okay, I don't really "fly off the handle", but I just wanted to make a snarky 'roid comment.  Anyway, breathing is a very, very good thing so don't take it for granted, and for God's sake don't do anything that might impede your ability do it.  Life is too short.

Happy Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones.  He turns 70 today. That statement alone is rather saddening.

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