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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Road Apples, #103

Mobile Optimized...File this one under the "only I care" department, but this blog has now been optimized for mobile devices. This is more a benefit for me I suppose, as I do check in every once in a while with my Palm Pre.

Getting Older...A sure sign of getting older occurs when your children grow up.  For me, I get a double reminder of this over the next few days, as my "baby" graduates from Scranton High School (this evening) and turns 18 (next week).  Among the blessings I have enjoyed in life to date are the three daughters that make me so proud.  My oldest just stared a new job, fresh out of college.  My middle daughter is changing schools in the Fall to study Nutrition and Spanish and my youngest (in addition to graduating and becoming something of a legal adult) will be studying Social Work at West Chester University in the Fall.

Rats Leaving the Ship...Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has left the university to begin an NFL career.  Reference HERE.  Of course there is the whole "Buckeye Sleaze" factor at work, what with a head coach leaving after basically lying to the NCAA about compliance violations.  Somehow I'm thinking that Michigan might actually win this Fall's match-up.  No word on whether or not Mr Pryor was one of the individuals who actually traded a championship ring for a tattoo.

The Dynamic Duo of Much & Cord...I've actually been reading the Scranton Times reports on the dual trial of former county commissioners Mike Munchak and Bob Cordaro.  It's pretty interesting stuff.  Then again I have been reading the stories while in the gym, using the elliptical, so I'm something of a captive audience (reading, I've found, make the work-out seem to go faster). So far the prosecution seems to have painted a good picture of two men lining their pockets.  So far the defense is relying on the phrase "did anyone ask you to do anything illegal" as their chief weapon.  Somehow I'm thinking that this may not look so good for Mr Munchak and Mr Cordaro.  Call me crazy, but pocketing contributions from county vendors seems like a fairly easy thing to prove...did they get the money?  Did the report getting the money?  If they answers are "Yes" and "No", well then maybe there is a problem.

Palm Pre...As referenced in the opening "apple", I've been using a Palm Pre Plus now for about two months and I have to report being exceptionally happy with the device.  I do wish there were more applications for it, but never the less it has made me more productive.  It also has enabled me to stay in the blogging loop when I don't actually have time to write (which has been the case over the past few days).  My middle daughter just got a Blackberry Torch, so I'm interested in how that device is working, as it was one of the phone I was considering buying back when I made the Palm decision.

The Sarah Palin History Network...Courtesy of Conan O'Brien, this is very funny stuff.  Check it out HERE.  Found via a link by Sabrina McLaughlin on Facebook.

Now that's a great way to start a day.

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