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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Ever since I started using the mighty Palm Pre Plus I've been dismayed by the amount of time it takes to load the blog on my phone.  I know, it probably gets no more nerdy than that previous statement, but so be it:  I am a proud, self-confessed 6' 3.5" nerd.  Anyone got a problem with that?  Go ahead, try and take my lunch money now!

Sorry, I was having junior high flashbacks.

Anyway, I've altered the blog header to, in theory, make the page load faster.  We shall see.  I will miss the picture of the Morris Arboretum though.

Also, I wanted to give a shout-out to Harold Jenkins and the the other administrators of NEPA Blogs for all the great work they do.  Most of the blogs on my blog roll come from suggestions I find on the site, with the latest being the blog by Kevin Jordan.  Since that kind of work is somewhat thankless, I wanted to indeed buck the trend and thank the NEPA Blogs crew for publicizing the great cyber-work done in NEPA.  It's hard work proving that we are not all a bunch of backward-assed hillbilly coal miners in this part of the state...hard but necessary work.

Blog on!

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