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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Road Apples, #105

Happy Father's all the Dads out there, both young and old.  As I noted the other day, I think being a father is the most difficult job a man can have, a thought echoed by the President in his radio address this morning.

My favorite Mental Floss.  I just wish they would publish it a bit more often.  Why am I so fond of it?  Well for starters it is filled with tons of useless information in nicely sized packages (in other words, short...which matches my attention span).

Munchak and Cordaro...Kudos to the Scranton Times for the great (all be it somewhat redundant...they seem to be basically printing the same article twice in each edition) coverage of the Bob Cordaro and AJ Munchak corruption trial.  I'm into predictions, but I'll offer this:  I'll bet they are found guilty, at a minimum, of tax evasion.  The burden of proof for tax evasion is, as I understand it, fairly low (Did you get the money?  If yes did you report it on your tax form?  If no then guilty.), and it seems pretty clear from what I read that has been some unreported income floating around these two gentlemen.  As I mentioned to my brother the other day, the truly sad part of this whole affair is, in my opinion, the squandered opportunity.  I voted for Mr Munchak and Mr Cordaro precisely because, at the time, they seemed like the kind of guys who truly were going to break the "business as usual" modus operandi of Lackawanna County government.  What we got instead apparently was the usual way of doing business but on steroids.  They are, of course, innocent until proven guilty, but man it doesn't look good.

Wansacz and O'Brien...Take good notes, because "business as usual" is going to be in rare form as the "great haired duo" of Wansacz and O'Brien are anointed commissioners.  Have these "arch enemies" kissed and made up yet?  If not now, then very soon.  Anyway, am I implying that they will be engaged in all manner of corruption?  Of course not!  I'm stating that they will be engaged in far more self than public service.  Money may not be involved, but certainly personal power will be, in spades.  Now these guys can prove me wrong by, for example, endorsing a county-wide property reassessment, but don't hold your breath waiting for that one to happen.   Regardless, let me be blunt:  I will vote for Wansacz and O'Brien when Hell freezes over.  Who are the Republicans running against them?  I don't care, as they have my vote, no matter who they are or what they stand for.

County Vendors...Another thought about Muchak and Cordaro's trial:  let's ban any and all vendors that have acknowledged bribing the two former commissioners from doing any business, now or in the future, with any arm of government in Lackawanna County.  That might send a message that times are a changing.  Hey, maybe Wansacz and O'Brien will do that when they are elected.  As noted above, "don't hold your breath".

Bob Dylan on money...All of this talk about bribery reminds me of a quote from Bob Dylan...

"Money doesn't talk, it swears"

Another bit of simple but powerful insight from Uncle Bob.

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