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Saturday, June 25, 2011

(post #999) Giving Corey Credit

As I slowly catch up on the weeks (local) news, I read in this morning's edition of the Scranton Times that Lackwanna County is considering taking action against former commissioners Cordaro and Munchak to recoup some form of financial damages.  Now given that I have been pretty hard on Mr O'Brien (half of the "Great-Haired Duo" running for commissioners in the Fall) I'll be fair and give proper credit where credit is due in that this is something worthy of at least exploring.  Do I think there is actual cash to be had from the smoldering carcasses of Cordaro & Munchak?  Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to at least look into the possibility.

Note to the above referenced half of the Great-Haired Duo though:  be careful throwing those rocks, as you know how that old saying goes.

Along the lines of the glass houses thought, what makes even more sense here is for some outside body to take a look into the operation of county government in areas such as professional services procurement and other county contracts to make certain that any and all stains of "pay to play" have been removed.  Am I implying that such arrangements still exist?  No, but I am claiming that local governments in this region are right up there with Chicago when it comes to finding creative ways to fund political campaigns and reward supporters, so while we are cleaning house it probably makes sense to do some procedural pressure-washing, if you get my drift.

I suppose much of what I've written above comes down to the following:  I don't trust ANY of them now.  Yes, Cordaro and Munchak are the convicted ones, but anyone who thinks that the behavior examined during the trial is unique to those former commissioners is sadly mistaken.  Put another way, they were the ones who simply got caught.  Credit that to the Fed's for diligence and Bob Cordaro for having such an inflated sense of self worth that he eventually believed his own act.

Poor AJ...he most likely just got sucked into the vortex.

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