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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the "Panties in a Bunch" Department...

...we have THIS POSTING from Wilkes-Borough'sBarre's favorite blogger, Mark Cour.

Now at the risk of further incurring the Wrath of Khour (don't get mad's just play on know, "Wrath of Khan"...honest...I promise...calm down), I'm going to make a comment or two of my own.

  • "Word Police"?  That's rather ironic actually, considering the social conservative bent towards book burning and banning (see links).  I guess that stuff doesn't count as "word policing", since books technically have more than one word in them.
  • Also ironic?  The fact that, despite what Mr Cour may think, I wasn't actually referring to anything he wrote.  The "Barry" part came from spew I've repeatedly heard from serial nut-job Michael Savage, which I do listen to once in a while (he is entertaining, in a train-wreck kind of way).  As for "Obamalama", that came from something that I think I also heard Savage say and as well as stuff I've read on several message boards (such as THIS ONE).   
  • The worst part?  Mr Cour didn't attribute the quotes to me.  That's a rather douchey thing to do.  Disagree with me until the cows come home, but for God's sake be stand-up enough to call me out by name (you know, like I've just done).  When I've disagreed with other bloggers I've been man enough reference them by name (for example THIS POSTING & the times I've disagreed with NEPArtisan).
For the record, I actually do enjoy reading Circumlocution for Dummies (see, I'm linking back to it, again).  In fact, I've been downright complementary every once in a while. Life is far too short to get too caught up in on-line flaming, so I'm done with this.

Oh wait, one more thing...from me to Mark Cour, here's something of a long-distance dedication;

Cheer up Mark, it's just a blog.

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