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Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Apples, #104

Back to the Future...I've probably watched the first Back to the Future movie about a half dozen times and have watched parts of it maybe a dozen times more.  In the "you know it's a great movie when..." department, every time I've seen the movie I catch some inside joke, sly reference or obscure point that I never saw before.  You got to love it.

Super 8...Also in the movies department, I saw the new J.J. Abrams movie Super 8 last night with my oldest daughter. Well worth the price of admission.  Now I think it started rather on the slow side, but my daughter disagrees.  We both agree though that it is, overall, a great movie.  What's more, it's fairly appropriate for large audience, as I didn't see any real heavy gore and no sex/sexual innuendo, which is a rarity these days.

Judge Vaughn being criticized for making a decision against California's Proposition 8 while keeping the fact that he is, himself, gay a secret.  Story link HERE. If his ruling is thrown out on this basis, does it mean that a heterosexual judge could also be called "biased" if he/she makes a ruling against gay right?  After all, if one is heterosexual, perhaps that means he/she is automatically against homosexuals by design?  Maybe non-smoking judges shouldn't be allowed to hear tobacco lawsuits.  Or smoking judges shouldn't be allowed to hear tobacco lawsuits.  Okay, I am being sarcastic, but my point is this:  throwing the ruling out on this basis alone creates a mighty slippery slope that I don't think serves the interests of any party.  Like it our not, our judicial system rests on the notion that judges can make decisions based upon the facts and circumstances of each case.  If we start trying to dissect the personalities and personal traits of judges post-decision, then we open ourselves up to the notion that every judge can be questioned on every decision.  What would the point then be of even having a legal system?

Weiner-Gate...I have been staying away from this one for the most part, simply because it's so tawdry in nature, but hell, it's just begging for comment.  Mind you, my thoughts in the case have nothing to do with politics, as history has shown that "horn-doggyness" isn't an exclusive trait of any one political party.  By and large I think his constituents should be deciding his fate, save for one caveat:  if he extensively used government property to pull off his schemes, then I say throw the bastard out.  I'm also discounting the notion that his activities involved having inappropriate contact with minors; if there is proof that he did have any form of sexual contact with a minor (virtual or otherwise), then this becomes a criminal matter.

Tuesday...I will be pressuring washing the front porch of the house.  I know that it doesn't take much to entertain me, but as I remarked to a friend the other day, in our line of work often the effort you put forth into something doesn't necessarily manifest itself in visible results.  This is why I actually like activities such as yard-work (or pressure washing the porch):  I put forth effort and I see almost immediate results.  Then there is the whole notion of a certain, simply joy in physically hard work.  I sometimes think our society is needlessly degrading the value of getting your hands dirty.  This is something that Mike Rowe from the TV show Dirty Jobs is very passionate about (you can read more HERE).  In another life I am coming back as an electrician.

Blog Vacation...I am contemplating a taking a blog vacation next week, as I will be traveling anyway  and will probably have only limited blogging units available.  It would be the first extended time-off from blogging that I've taken since setting this up in 2008. We shall see.

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