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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Road Apples, #81

Road Apples...I realized that I haven't deposited any road apples lately.  I guess it's a concentration thing in that I've had been concentrating on pretty much one thing at a time lately.  Good or bad?  I'm not sure.

Weight Loss...I've realized that, in losing some weight (see "Divorce Diet Plan") it comes off in some of the strangest places.  Case in feet are smaller.  I swear they are smaller.  Slippers that were tight a month ago now can be wiggled off.  My neck, once massive in size, now looks like something you'd see on a baby pigeon.  

Coincidences...I was talking to a colleague at work the other day and discovered that she almost ended up working at the same place I did in 1986 as we both graduated from college.  I took the job and she ended up working in banking.  Six degrees of separation man, six degrees of separation.

John & Yoko Photos...The Everhart Museum in Scranton will be hosting an exhibit of photgraphs for "John & Yoko - A New York Love Story" The exhibit will open at noon on Friday, November 26th and continue on display through December 31st. Well worth seeing.

Sarah Palin...Just to maintain my status as a quasi-political blogger I guess I should make an actual political reference.  To that end, I'll simply say this:  I admire Barbara Bush & I agree with her that Ms Palin belongs in Alaska...just Alaska.

Speaking of Alaska...I am going to send a box of tissues to cry-baby Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, who apparently lacks the huevos to simply admit that he lost to Senator Murkowski.  Cry me a river Joe, cry me a river.

Let the (budget) Battle Begin...Well the sides are lining up for the "mother of all budget battles" in Scranton, with the Scranton Times cozying up to Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty and public safety union representatives engaging in a full-court "gloom and doom" press across the fruited Scranton plain.  This will get worse, far worse, before it gets better.  Personally I think both sides need to be stepping down the rhetoric and stepping up the negotiating.  NO ONE will win in a prolonged budget battle because neither side has a monopoly on the truth.  Union labor costs have to be reduced in Scranton, but so do administrative costs as well.  

Kitten...Note to my daughters & friends:  Okay, I agree.  It would be nice to have a kitten.  I think the "Steve should have a cat" people fall into two categories by the way:

1.  Those want a kitten to see & play with themselves (*cough* Becca *cough*).
2.  Those who think it will just keep my company.

Truth be told, both reasons work for me. Anyway, I will be "cat shopping" with oldest daughter Katrina this weekend.  Potential names include "Bill" (as in Bill the Cat) and Nermal.  I'm leaning towards "Bill", even if it is a girl.

Hartford...I was in Hartford for much of yesterday and today.  The business end was pretty successful; I taught some new employees about our organizational structure and spend 90 minutes talking to a group about how important it is to recognize and document customer complaints.  Mission accomplished, I think.  

Books I'm Currently Reading...I have two going at the moment:  the autobiography of Gary Dell'abate (Babba Booey from the Howard Stern Show) and just a general book of poetry.  Yes, I ago from Dylan Thomas to spanking midgets.  If anything I am certainly eclectic.

Font-gate...I apologize for the seemingly different fonts that appear on this particular entry.  If this service were not free I'd proclaim loudly that it wasn't worth the cost.

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