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Saturday, November 6, 2010

All Typed Out

Despite what appears here, I have been writing at a furious pace over the past week.  Every thought, every fear, every anxiety about my current spat of life-changing events has been translated to the written word via bits and bytes.  Quite honestly, I am almost all typed out.  It's difficult just typing this.

The above reminds me of something that I was told this past week.  Basically it is good to write down your thoughts and feelings, but you have to spend some time feeling them as well.  Maybe I take it too an extreme at times.  It's time to start spending a little less time writing and more time just feeling.

I think it was during one of those deeply prophetic Muppet movies where one of the sock-puppets basically said that life is like a movie, except that you get to write your own ending.  I'm working on the "happy ending" script.  First though I need to probably starting feeling it a bit more before I start writing it.

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