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Friday, November 26, 2010

It's The Things You Don't See

I was talking to a friend at work the other day, swapping stories that you don't ordinarily hear in casual conversation.  The details aren't all that important, and are not at all tawdry, but what struck me was that this person that I thought I knew had this story about their life that no one would have ever guessed.  I'm sure that they could have been thinking the exact same thing about me, but I doubt it (seriously, who actually ponders this sort of crap other than maniacs like me?).  

Anyway, the larger "story" here is that some of us seem to walk around in this kind of self-generated cloud, never seeing that for everyone you pass by there is probably a story that equals your own in terms of joy, horror, angst and general madness.  It's astounding when you...or at least I...actually sit and ponder it.

I suppose there is a learning in all of this, at least for me.  What that exactly is, well I'm not too sure.  It could be as simple as "stop being a chicken shit and don't feel sorry for yourself" or as deep as something that requires massive doses of poetry to fully understand.  Whatever it is, well it did may me think.  Okay, just about everything makes me think, but that's besides the point. 

Sometimes it's the things you don't see that are the most interesting.


J Curtis said...

Hello Steve.

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.

Take care of tyourself and if ever you want to talk, just shoot me an email.


Stephen Albert said...

Thanks JD...I appreciate that. Slowly life is returning to normal.