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Sunday, November 28, 2010


The current edition of Rolling Stone is dedicated to the playlists of 50 famous "musicians" (quotes because some on the list aren't actually people that I consider musicians...i.e., someone who can play an instrument).  It's worth reading if you are so inclined (link to online edition HERE).

Anyway, it got me to thinking about my favorite playlists.  Now I don't like the whole Ipod/ITunes set-up, so I don't technically utilize playlists.  But the underlying concept is the same...lists of songs by category that I love.  So for reasons of my own entertainment (and because I've been so very serious over the past few months) here's a not-so-serious look at the blogger's favorite playlists.

Beatles Playlist
I love the Beatles.  I don't really have a favorite Beatles album, because they are all my favorite.  Anyway, here are my favorite 10.

1.  Something (George)
Probably one of the most beautiful songs ever written by a human.  Catch the version done by Paul McCartney during the Concert for George (link HERE).  If you are guy you are probably looking for someone like this...if you've already found her, well then you are blessed.

2.  Fool on the Hill (Paul)
During high school I thought this was written about me.  These days they call it "emo".  Back then it was just "feeling sorry for yourself".  It's still a touching song.

3.  Help (John)
Pure unadulterated Lennon, screaming for help.

4.  We Can Work It Out (Paul)
Eternal Paul optimism.  By the way, Paul didn't work it out...he ended up breaking up with the girl the song was written about (actress Jane Asher).

5.  The Long and Winding Road (Paul)
Forget McCartney's personal opinion on the subject...the Phil Specter version, complete with lush perfect.

6.  The Ballad of John and Yoko (John)
Almost funky.

7.  Got To Get You Into My Life (Paul)
Earth, Wind and Fire does a good cover of this (link HERE).

8.  Hey Jude (Paul)
Simply one of the best pop songs ever written.

9.  In My Life (John)
I've written about this before.  A guy in his early twenties wrote this lyric. That's an insane amount of genius.

10.  If I Needed Someone & While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George)
Just great George songs.

Not everyone's cup of tea, but who cares?  I've been an ABBA fan since they first emerged from the real great white north.

1.  Fernando
This is actually a beautiful song.  Cool video too, with Benny playing an "ABBA" guitar.

2.  Hole In Your Soul
If I know you and you call my cell, this is the ringtone that plays.  Like a lot of ABBA tunes, the lyrics are somewhat regrettable, but the tune is great.

3.  Take A Chance On Me
The song screams "sing me!".

4.  Dancing Queen
Gay...okay I know it is.  Too bad.  I dig it.

5.  SOS
This song is down-right powerful.

6.  Knowing Me, Knowing You
One of the best break-up songs ever.

7.  The Name of the Game
"I was an impossible case...".

8.  Super Trouper
You can't go wrong with a song written about a spot-light.

9.  Ring Ring
Pure pop.

10.  Mamma Mia
My daughter Katrina once performed this during a talent show...made me proud.
(Note:  I HATE the song Money, Money, Money, so that would never be on any list I come up with.)

Rolling Stones
I can't come up with ten, as I am not a big Stones fan, but here are 5.

1.  Brown Sugar
A great song that manages to also be offensive to boot.  Score.  Great guitar lick, great rhythm guitar work by Keith. 

2.  Bitch
I hate the title (I don't like the "b-word") but the song rocks.  Another classic bit of Keith.

3. Happy
I love the whole "Made in the Shade" era.  Listening to Keith sing makes me feel good about my own lack of vocal skills.

4.  It's Only Rock-n-Roll (but I like it)
"If I could stick a knife in my heart...".

5.  Jump'n Jack Flash
Another great lick.

My favorite 5.

1.  Goodbye Stranger
The song builds like an orchestral piece.

2.  Oh Darlin'
I just love this song, ever since I first bought a copy of Breakfast in America.

3.  Dreamer
A Roger song that I like.

4.  Crime of the Century
There is just something about this song that I really like.  Maybe just the vocals.

5.  Breakfast in America
I think this is technically a polka.

Elton John
I could come up with 20.  Here are 10.

1.  Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
Genius stuff.

2.  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
It's about looking forward, not back.

3.  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Elton John + John Lennon = Genius squared.  Best Beatles cover, ever.

4.  Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
Elton rocks.

5.  Philadelphia Freedom

6.  The Bitch Is Back
There's that word again.  Anyway, great guitar work by Davey Johnston.

7.  Daniel

8.  Rocket Man
A cousin to a certain Bowie song.

9.  Island Girl
The lyric is almost offensive.  Great song though.

10. Mamma Can't Buy You Love
Not everyone's cup of tea, but I dig it.    

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