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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad Political Blogger & Revenge of the Angry Middle Aged White Guys

I confess to being a bad political blogger.  I didn't vote yesterday (address change came in too late) and I didn't watch any election coverage (I instead enjoyed the combination of Dirty Jobs & talking to a dear friend on the phone).  The previous noted, I'll spend some of my in-between time today catching up on what happened.

One thing is sure right off the bat:  as I noted the other day, it seems that the legions of young voters that propelled President Obama into office weren't all that interested this time around.  Conversely, the crowd that looks surprisingly like me...middle aged white guys...pretty much came out to vote (with the exception of the bad blogger...see above).

Hell, we even have Frank Drebin as governor.

What seems apparently to me now?

  1. President Obama accomplished quite a bit in his first two years, which is a good thing.  Played good offense.  Now it's time for defense.  Break out the veto pen.  Call Paterno and get some tips.
  2. Work for the federal government?  Be worried.  The GOP has been playing the financial shell game for years, namely cut taxes but don't really reduce the size of government.  I think that era is just about over.  Middle aged white guys will be watching.  They want smaller government.  If they don't get it, in two years the Christine O'Donnell's will seem main-stream compared to what crawls out from under the rocks.
  3. Work for the state government (or receive money from the state government)?  Be very worried.  Tom Corbett has been among the worst of the GOP shell game players.  The money simply isn't there to cut taxes, maintain the Delaware loophole, not tax drillers and still give every county, city, township and patch the money they are used to receiving.  Who will be hurt?  I have a prediction:  the least of our brothers (to get a little biblical).  Why?  Corbett has already said that he doesn't what to "hurt" gas drillers.  Drillers gave him a lot of money.  The MH/MR community didn't.  Do the math.

All in all, it's going to be an interesting two years, and not just for me.

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