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Monday, November 8, 2010

Lennon and McCartney

There is a wonderful comment made by Paul McCartney that I heard once in an interview that I was thinking about today.

During the late 60's, Paul and John were engaged in some epic musical battle while creating the modern-day classical music that we all know and love.  In the heat of the battle Lennon looks at McCartney, pushes his famous granny glasses down his nose just a bit, and says "it's me Paul" (or something like that). 

What's so remarkable?  Simply put, that's love.  It was Lennon's way of saying "Hey, it's me.  Cut the bull$hit and be real with me.  I know you and you know me."  It's kind of remarkable.  How many of us have a relationship were we could say all that with just a little gesture?  How many of us can say we have someone in our life...friend, brother, sister, spouse or lover...who could do the same thing for us?

That's what I'm shooting for in life.

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