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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Road Apples, #73

Two Down...Daughter number 2 has been moved to college (although it was a short move), so now I have two living away at school. I have to say that I was very impressed with how the University of Scranton ran the whole operation. Oh, and yes, my middle daughter decided to live on campus, even though that campus is about three miles away. She is aware of the financial impact of this all, but she waned to do it never the less. Another adventure begins. It reminds me of when I moved away to college during my junior year. I think it was just me and a friend that took my stuff down to Penn State Harrisburg. The memories...

Flying Blues...I'm looking at the ginormous bruise on my leg, courtesy of Delta airlines and one rather large passenger. On my first (of two) flights back yesterday I was sitting next to a nice gentleman who in point of fact actually took up two seats. Unfortunately I was still sitting in one of the two, and as a result my left leg was jammed into the armrest of a CRJ 200 for about an hour and a half. Make that more like molded into the armrest of CRJ 200. Airplane seats are not made for large people; hell they are barely made for any people.

Kudos...go out to Mary Borthwick's son Tom (a.k.a. NEPArtisan), who will be writing for the HuffPost. The world of politics is full of stupid people who talk in sound bytes (see Sarah Palin), so it's always great when a voice comes along that is capable of something a little more articulate than "liberals evil!".

Movies...I was greatly disappointed by "Dinner for Schmucks", but there is movie hope out there: the next installment of Resident Evil is coming out in September. In 3D no less. In truth I can't get too excited about 3D, as I really don't get the effect all that well. No bother, as Mila Jovovich and zombies can make up for just about anything.

I Want...a Hofner fiddle base. Just wanted to note that for the record.

Ubuntu...I have two laptops that are laying around in a more or less comatose state, so I've ordered the latest version of Ubuntu to install on them. Something of an experiment I think. For what they will be used for, namely web-surfing, I think it will work out just fine. I'd like to find a way to run iTunes on them (and I think I found it HERE). Here's to mad science and sticking it to Microsoft, at least symbolically.

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Tom Borthwick said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I submitted my first piece. I'm not sure when their "Hot Race" coverage begins, though. Hopefully soon!