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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Road Apples, #71

Guilty Pleasure...I confess to spending $5 on 1950's era magazines today at the Circle Drive-In flea market. I was caught the moment I saw one with a Camel cigarette advertisement on the back of it, extolling the virtues of switching to Camels. If I have the motivation I'll see how many of the celebrities mentioned in the advertisement died from cancer.

Bat Free...Well the sun went down yesterday evening and there was no bat coming out from a dark corner of my office, so I am officially declaring my home to be a bat free zone. On the good news front, while searching for the bat I cleaned up the office fairly well, so it I got an extra benefit out of the whole deal.

NEPArtisan...quoted me in a recent posting (HERE). Once in a while I do have a rational thought or two, despite what my children might think.

Chris Kelly...from the Scranton Times has a great piece in the Sunday Times about his recent colonoscopy. You can read it HERE. For the record, when you have the test you are on your side (not "bottoms up"). If you have GI problems or a history of colon cancer in your family this is an important test to get, and it's not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Not that I'm eager to get another one (I will in about 4 years), but when the day comes I will not be stressing nearly as much as I did the first time. Anyway, Mr Kelly does a great job with the article.

Eating...My eating has been out of kilter for some time now. Too much of the wrong stuff, in spades. Time to get back on track, as I hate this bloated feeling. Since about age 25 my weight has been something of a struggle for me, and the battle continues. My weight now is actually not horrible (about 227 lbs on my 6'3.5" frame), but it could be better.

Michelle Obama Vacation...The far right media is have a field day criticizing the First Lady over her vacation in Spain. My perspective? Leave her the hell alone. The First Lady and her children are not elected officials, and therefore should be off limits. Yes it costs money to go on vacation, and yes it costs even more when you are surrounded by government support (be it Secret Service or others), but so be it. Should we go back and analyze every vacation taken by every First Family since 1960? Nancy Reagan had very expensive tastes, so what are the chances that she took some expensive trips? My answer: Probably pretty good, but I don't care.

New Police Chief...Scranton has a new Police Chief, Dan Duffy. I want to wish him all the best as he takes on this new assignment. One of the best things about the City of Scranton is the extremely professional and effective police force that protects and serves city residents. I say this as someone who has had some experience with the police in a stressful situation, and I can't say enough good stuff about the officers on the Scranton force. The officers deserve our respect and they also deserve a raise (and I say the latter as someone who generally is a supporter of Mayor Doherty).

Shameful Boy Scouts...I always held up the Boy Scouts as a group that tries to instill the best in young men. That opinion has changed. Yes, I am sure that many Scouts and their leaders are respectful, but that's not true of the group that I saw in the video pasted below. Note to the Scouts: even if you don't respect the man, you should respect the office. I was never a fan of G.W. Bush, but I'd never lower myself to booing him during a speech.

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