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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another WILK Milestone

With the sentencing of football hero Greg Skrepenak, yet another former WILK show host is going to jail. As I recall there are now three on the list:
  1. Scott Binsak, who did a show on home improvement (but who was really busy bilking his customers royally); for the record, I don't know if Mr Binsak has been to trial yet, as I think he's still busy trying to prove that insanity made him steal
  2. James Lake, who did a show called "Money In Motion"; unfortunately for some of his customers, the money that was in motion was from their pockets to those of Mr Lake
  3. Greg Skrepenak, the previously mentioned football hero turned moronic greed-head
Something of a bizarre trifecta. Gee, I wonder if Corbett will do a show on this topic?

Stacy Brown from the Scranton Times did a great piece a year of so ago on the responsibility of WILK when it comes to its on-air talent. You can link to the article HERE.

Now WILK will not claim any responsibility for Binsak or Lake, as they had paid programming. In my opinion that's about a credible an argument as Bill Clinton arguing about what the definition of "is" is. Disclaimers aside, if it's WILK's airspace, then it's WILK's responsibility. I also hold them responsible for all the "miracle cure" info-mercials that air on the weekends. You've heard these before: take four pills a day and you will be cured of psoriasis, diabetes, dandruff, cancer, herpes, pet farting and many other ailments.

Caveat emptor, especially as it applies to what you hear on WILK.

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