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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dedicated to Skrep-Daddy

Yes, football hero Greg Skrepenak is going to a BIG HOUSE, just not the big house he is used to. Story link HERE.

Do I feel bad for Mr Skrepenak? Absolutely not. Skrep-Daddy is living proof that being a football hero prepares you for nothing in life, other than maybe being a football coach...maybe. Anyway, I feel no sympathy for this guy. He was given much in life...

...talent education
...lots of money
...tons of adulation from jock-worshiping fans

...and he basically gave it all away. Why? Simply because he was a moron. Make that a greedy moron. Unfortunately for Skrepenak, some lessons have to be learned the hard way.

My feelings about Skrepenak noted, I feel even less sympathy for the people in Luzerne County who voted for this guy. He had zero qualifications for the job of county commissioner. So why was he elected then? Basically he got the job because he was a football hero, and sadly in this day and age (and in this valley) some people are still impressed by that sort of thing. Maybe, just maybe, qualifications do matter in the end.

Anyway, here's something of a dedication to Skrep-Daddy:

It seems strangely fitting.

Somehow I'm thinking his fellow inmates may not be as impressed with his gridiron accomplishments as the average voter in Luzerne County was all those years ago.


Thomas Borthwick said...

I had nowhere else to put this... awesome city pic!!!

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks Tom...I'm just playing with layout stuff. I need to start using my new camera for some city pictures.