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Saturday, August 7, 2010


I heard a knocking on my bedroom door last night around midnight, and half groggy I opened the door to find a frightened 17 year old daughter telling me stories of a bat flying around the house. Yes, I'm barely conscious, and I have to deal with a flying rat. Rational thought was eluding me, but I did manage to locate the flying fiend in my office. Not knowing what to do, I figured that isolation and hopefully offering an escape route was my best bet. To that end, I closed up the doors, and went outside to open the larger window. He/she was only getting out one way.

What happened next is still subject to confirmation, but I'm sitting here in my office on Saturday morning with no sign of bat. More importantly, my largest cat (Buttons) is in here with me, and he doesn't seem especially wigged out. While I'm almost blind as a bat, Buttons has pretty good eye sight and I'm thinking that if there was a critter in the room he would be sufficiently interested. So far I see no bat, hear no bat and Buttons is trolling about as usual. Hopefully the bat has gone on to greener pastures. I'll be keeping any eye out just in case.

Killing the bat last night was not on my list of alternatives. Yes, having it in the house was a royal pain, but I just don't like the idea of destroying something, especially something that is actually pretty beneficial. Besides, if being a pain in the ass is grounds for death, then we'd all be dead by now.

For the record, this was a not a small bat. I'm thinking it has a wing-span of about a foot, which means maybe it was a Big Brown bat.

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