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Monday, February 2, 2009

Steve, By The Numbers

32 Seconds
This is the approximate amount of time I spent watching the Super Bowel (oops, Bowl) yesterday. No, I'm not a fan, although I am glad to see a Pennsylvania team win.

This is how many classes I'm involved with this week. They are all part of the same program that involves some regulatory changes. I only have a small speaking part, and the rest of more coordination and documentation. Had I been brought into the process earlier I could have written the material for the project, but that's a different story.

This is the amount the HDTV budget for my office.

5.5 Hours
This is the approximate amount of sleep I got last night. That's about normal. My range is anywhere from 5 t about 7. I very rarely sleep 8 hours, and I can't recall the last time I slept more than 8.

This is how much I've invested in the semi-dances for my two youngest daughters, between dresses and transportation. I consider it to be worth the investment, provided that they have a good time.

This is the number of excuses I have left for not seeing the eye doctor. I need to get that done. I really should be wearing my glasses all the time, but now I rarely to never wear them.

1, 4
The first number represents the number of cats that are within six feet of me. The second is the number in total that are within 30 feet.

My electrical bill for last month. It was higher because I opted to being having a very large rate increase added to my bill now. I really need to look for ways to reduce this.

4 Days
When I go back to the Periodontist for a check-up and to schedule "the big screwing"...the appointment when they put the screw into my head for my implant.

5 Days
The number of travel days I have scheduled for the month of February. This includes 4 days in our Dubuque, Iowa office. For that trip I'll fly into Moline IL and then drive to Dubuque (it's about an hour drive). The Dubuque airport doesn't accommodate instrument lands, so if there is any bad weather you are screwed. Moline, on the other hand, is a much larger airport, so I can get in and out easier. As part of the trip, I'll actually stay my last night in Moline so that I don't have to rush driving to airport that Friday morning. The trip is scheduled for the week of the 16th. The other scheduled date is for training in Hartford, CT.

This is the combined total that I paid in cellphone bills for January. That's for 5 phones, so it averages out to $54/phone (not great, but not horrible either).

This is the number of refills I have for a certain prescription from my doctor. Need to get a refill. The medication is something he gave me to take, as needed, when it feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Not that I use it very often.

This is the number of DVDs that I currently don't have room for in my mission cabinet. I may need to "cull the heard" a bit.

This is number of pills I take in the morning. 2 vitamins, 1 mega-dose B vitamin and a Prilosec.

This is the approximate amount I spend per week on cat care (food, litter, etc.).

This is the approximate amount of weight I've gained over the last twelve months. Need to work on that.

This is the amount I still owe for Kate's Spring Semester tuition. I have to pay it by the 16th.

This is the number of performance appraisals I need to deliver during the month of February.

This is the approximate number of years since I've spoken to my sister, Michelle.

This is the number of CE credit hours I earned last week for my insurance license. Since I was "only" required to take 24, I get to carry one over into the next licensing period.

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