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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Notes From The Road...Tuesday

Well it's been a long day.

Up at 3:45am this morning, out the door by 4:45am.

At the airport by 5:00am.

Boarded my first flight and was able to get an exit row seat...SCORE! Room to spare, and all I had to do swear that I could lift a 35lb CRJ aircraft door. The space allowed me to do 90% of my checking account reconciliation. Score again. Left the gate a half hour late, but arrived in Detroit on gotta love the power of fudging flight times.

Had about 40 minutes between flights, so I got a Sarah Lee blueberry muffin at an airport shop. Disgusting, but eaten anyway...I was hungry.

Boarded my second flight at about 9am. No exit row seating available this fact, I'm seated next to a gentleman who about the same size as me. Not pretty stuff. I swear that my knee caps were going to wear off from being pressed into the seat in front of me. Flight arrives on time. Damn was I sore.

Got my rental car...lucky me, it's a 2009 Chevy Aveo. Quite possibly the cheapest car in production today. You'd have to go back to the Yugo (the cutting edge of early 80's Serbo-Croatian transportation technology) to find something cheaper. I think the doors are made of drywall. Anyway, I proceed to drive to Dubuque. Once I get on I80 (which I'm on for about five minutes) I call into our team's bi-weekly conference call. I can hear about 60% of what is said due to a combination of the road noise and poor voice pick up in Scranton. Oh well...I was glad I was able to at least get onto the call.

Arrived in Dubuque after driving for about an hour or so. Park at the hotel and walk across the street to the office. A slew of meetings begin, although I did time out to have some Mexican for lunch.

At about 5:30pm I get too tired to function, and after solving some print server problems, I decide to declare victory and end the day in the office.

Walk back to the hotel and check into room 420.

Dinner consisted of a steak sandwich at the lounge (the hotel restaurant wasn't open) and a piece of marginally okay coconut cream pie.

Head back to the room to unpack, iron a shirt and fight with the ThinkPad over it's desire NOT to connect to any wireless networks. I win...and I get connected.

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