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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last Night

On The Screen
As I've noted a few times before, I don't watch TV. However, I will watch a small number of TV shows on-line, usually via Two things I watched last night were the latest episodes of The Office and Battlestar Galactica. Both were excellent. I especially liked Galactica, because, as is the case for most really great Science Fiction, the best part of the show is the underlying drama. It's a tough show to describe, and even tougher to simply jump into, but in point of fact most of the show doesn't really deal with science fiction in as much as it uses the alternative reality to tell a compelling story. The cast is great too. The series it self will be over shortly (I think there maybe something like 4 episodes left), so eventually maybe I'll buy the whole series on DVD.

Oh, The Office was pretty funny as well. Michael Scott was telling people he can remember people's names by linking that to personal characteristics. "I'm going to call you Baldy because you are bald and the sun shines off your bald head and it's bright like a mirror and mirror and Mike start with the letter M so your name is Mike, right?" or something like that. I was falling down laughing.

Also On The Screen
I watched "30 Days of Nights" on DVD last night. Pretty good movie actually. Scary in more than a few spots, and very graphic in many others. This is one of the few movies I've ever seen where there is violence directed towards children (there is a scene were you see one of the vampires attacking s small girl; another where a vampire little girl gets sprayed with mace and then decapitated), so I'd not let this thing anywhere anyone who isn't old enough to handle it. The movie does make you wonder why in the hell anyone would want to live somewhere like that were it is so cold and so dark for so long.

I forgot to mention that the reason for the video fest (note...I watch all of this stuff on my Sony laptop) was that the girls were at their semi dance last night, so I had to stay to 12:30am anyway. From all reports they both had a good time, so I'm glad.

Onward, to the Sunday chores...

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