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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Road Apples, #17

Back on the Chain Gang - I'm back in the (Scranton) office today, after having been out on business & time off (yesterday) since last Tuesday. I'm betting on 54 new emails since Thursday afternoon. Joy.

On the Road Again - I'm in Hartford on Friday to teach two classes. I've set it up so that I can take the girls to school first, so as long as I get on the road by 8am I'll get to Connecticut with time to spare. The class is one that I do a lot, so no real preparation is required on my part. It's not a bad way to end the week.

In the Bad News Department - We apparently had five people laid off last week, one of whom I worked closely with a few years ago. I also worked fairly recently with one of the others. My heart goes out to them & I hope that they can find something better. These are tough times, and I'm afraid that things are going to get worse before they get better.

Things To Do - I have a whole host of small things I need to do, none of which I've made any progress on of late. I'm talking about things like checking my auto policy for glass coverage, scheduling an eye doctor appointment, etc.

Getting Ready for HD - I don't spend a awful lot of money on myself, which given the fact that I have three kids is understandable. I am, however, going to treat myself of a new flat screen LCD TV. Given everything that I went through last year at work, it's the least I can do. Anyway, I'm looking at buying a moderate sized full HD (1080) screen. To go along with it, I just got myself a new DVD player that up-converts standard definition DVDs to full 1080 HD. I needed a new player anyway, as I had to donate my old one to the TV room, as our old DVD player (which we've had for a long time) started to skip. By the way, the first movie I'll watch in HD? Independence Day.

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