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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Cat Chair vs The Man Cave

Now I don't actually have a "man cave", but I do have what amounts to a corner of room that I've carved out just for me. I call it my "office". I know, that's terribly unreasonable, given the fact that I'm the one who paid off the mortgage on the house, but never the less, I'm guilty.

Anyway, I've been slowly making some improvements to my office, the latest being a component cabinet (pictured above) to keep my video equipment, video games, etc. I had been looking for this kind of cabinet, and while this wasn't the cheapest, it did meet the criteria I set:

It is deep and wide enough for my video game systems & an old-school VCR
It has a glass door

The glass door was essential, as I want to keep my stuff relatively dust-free. All in all, I like the finished product. What's missing? The biggest part is missing actually...I don't have a TV yet. Now I had one (a 26" Sylvania standard definition TV that I bought back in 2006), but I have that to my brother for his new house. I'm going to get a 26"-30" LCD HD TV later in the month. Assuming I get my annual bonus, that will be my gift to myself. Still not sure where I am going to put the TV, as that will partially depend on its dimensions. I could even wall-hang it I suppose.

On to the Cat Chair.

In the office I have an old "bark-o-lounger" kind of chair. I hate it. The cats love it. Our oldest (and largest) cat, Buttons, loves to sit on the top of the chair and sleep. There's even a dent on the top of the chair from Buttons sitting on top of it. Because the chair is so loved by the cats and because it's fabric, it's basically covered in cat fur. Ideally, I'd like to get rid of it. It's too big for the small space I have, it only collects junk and the cats are the only ones that sit on it. Why don't I just get rid of it? Honestly, I would feel bad for the cats. How pathetic is that? There are times when I tell myself "just do it...they will find somewhere else to sleep" and there are other times when, in all honesty, I love having Buttons sitting next to me, purring. I'll sometimes swing the chair around so that I can type with one hand and scratch/pet him with the other.

Welcome to my life.

Bottom line: I need to get rid of the chair I think, but I'm going to feel better about it. Maybe I could find something to replace it. Who knows.

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