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Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day On (Update)

Well here's where I stand on today's list...

  1. Reconcile my checking account (I received my statement on Saturday) [Not Done...Will take with me to do]
  2. Run to the market and pick up one or two things for dinner [Done]
  3. Call Verizon & find out what they charge for Long Distance (I'm with AT&T and am pretty much getting ripped off at the moment) [Done...I am staying with AT&T but changed plans, so my bill should be more than cut in half]
  4. Wash clothes [Done]
  5. Pack for Iowa [Done...and got it all in a smaller bag to boot]
  6. Run to the office to pick up a notebook I need [Done]
  7. Work on my federal tax return (joy!) [Done...I owe $460 :-( ]
  8. Clean out my briefcase & pack (my work) laptop [Still to be done]
  9. Find pictures for the clock/photo frame thing I bought at the Christmas Tree Shoppe [Still to be done]
  10. Clean off my desk here at home [Probably not getting done]

All told, it was a relatively productive day, and there is still some time left.

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