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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Notes From The Road...Thursday Evening

For the record, I did write yesterday evening, but for some reason the post seemed to disappear. Le sigh. Oh well, it was far from an Peabody Award winning piece anyway.

Yesterday was pretty tiring, but it was also pretty productive. The details are either lost to me or I'm too tired to recall, so who cares?

Today wasn't as manic as yesterday, but I did get some sense of accomplishment. I finished doing staff annual reviews, which was the reason I am out here in the first place. Those discussions went well, which says more about the extremely high calibre of people I work with than any talent I may have.

As for this moment, I'm sitting in a Best Western Inn near the Quad-Cities airport in Illinois. Not a bad's not Marriott, but the bed looks comfortable, I can get an Internet connection, and it's close the airport. Life is truly good.

Here's to tailwinds, exit row seating and going home.

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