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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Road Apples, #164

Comcast...File this under "giving credit where credit is due".  The local Comcast supervisor, a Mr Donald Kondraski, really came through for us.  It was his intercession that got the local pole wiring replaced, and since then our Internet service has been flawlessly working, and actually faster than before.  While I said some unkind things about Comcast (all true), in the end this gentleman pulled it out.  Give that man a raise Comcast!

The End of the Mac Experiment...Yes, my Mac is being donated to my youngest daughter.  This posting, as a matter of fact, is being typed on my new set-up, an HP desktop running Windows 10 on an Intel i3 processor.  It's fast enough, and I can further juice up the RAM.  The hard drive is 1TB, which is plenty of storage.  So far, so good.  It's nice to have a familiar set of tools in front of me, and I can safely say that I've been cured of the Apple bug.  The transition wasn't without some extra work, as getting my display to work with the new PC via an HDMI connection required some finessing, but all's well that ends well.  All that's left is to finish installing some software.

By the way, Windows 10 is great, particularly when compared to that unmitigated disaster, Windows 8.  There is a part of Windows 8 that remains on the machine, but thankfully the basic interface is classic windows stuff, complete with that I missed the most, namely painfully easy file management.

Radio Face...While working on a group presentation for my current graduate school class, I was paid a nice compliment about the quality of my speaking voice.  I've gotten the "you have a radio voice" compliment before, and it's nice to hear.  It does make me think though that I also happen to have something of a radio face to boot.  Now in truth, I know that's not completely true.  At my best I clean up rather well. getting ready to ruin Top Gear.  It will just never be the same without Jeremy, James and "the Hamster".  I don't know who the new host is, and quite frankly, I'm not sure I want to find out.  I mean how could you possibly top the old guys?  The played soccer with cars once and had a lit gas grill going in the back of a truck.

Uma Thurman...I confess, I really like the Fall Out Boy song "Uma Thurman", in spite of the fact that Fall Out Boy seems a bit Emo to me & that the song uses a sample, which I find a horrid, unoriginal practice.  It all works though in this song.  See for yourself.

It's catchy & clever (kind of like Blurred Lines, but without all the perv-y elements).  The video is fun to watch as well.

The Turn...I can feel "the turn" happening.  This is when the seasons really begin to change, and despite the heat wave we had in these parts through part of last week, I'm thinking that things are changing.  In as much as I really don't like Winter all that much, I have to confess that I enjoy there being an end to endlessly hot days.  This is why there won't be any retirement for me in the deep south or southwest; nice places, but just not for me.  Now to begin my favorite season, Fall.

Presidential Race...It looks like the smart-person glasses haven't been enough to keep Rick Perry in the Presidential race.  In terms relative to the current GOP field (compare him to Trump & Huckabee) Perry was one of the more moderate candidates, which in and of itself is a shocking statement.  I suspect that his 0-1% support might end up going to Rafael Cruz, which will make exactly no difference.  This will be the first of many, although I've always suspected that some are in this race simply because:

1) It's a kind of job.
2) They can use the exposure to sell books and stuff.

See Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.

On the plus side, Dr Ben Carson is doing well.  While I don't think I'd vote for him (one never knows though...), he's the kind of outsider that I think most GOP voters want, without the monstrous ego and woman-hating of Donald Trump.

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