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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dear Congress,

The following are two things that the United Stated federal government does that deeply offend me:

1) Spying on U.S. citizens
I find it inexcusable that innocent individuals, right now, are having their private communications intercepted by government employees.

2) Spend money in support of the two major political parties
See THIS and many other examples of tax dollars being used to subsidize two political parties.

I pay federal income tax.  In fact, I pay more than my share of federal income tax.  While I know that my individual federal tax dollars don't directly go towards spying and political party support, I do know that they go towards other things that then allow other dollars to go towards spying and political party support.

I therefore respectfully request that I no longer be required to pay federal income tax, at least for the next year.

Kindly get back to me.

- Steve

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