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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Comcast Follies

Well it was two wasted afternoons for me where I could have been working on school or work "stuff".  Yes, my Internet service is still about as reliable as the Philadelphia Phillies' pitching staff (proof HERE...and I don't even like baseball smilies).

I don't want to discredit the work of the in-person technicians who have been to my home, a total of FOUR times already.  In fact, the last gentleman brought his supervisor along for the ride.  This was yesterday afternoon.  They made with laptops, pole climbing and gadgetry that would make the Ghostbusters look underprepared.  The supervisor also provided an explanation of sorts:
  • I am not crazy.
  • It's not my router (which as been now been replaced a total three times).
  • It's not my wiring, all of which has been replaced.
  • There is no noted squirrel damage, which apparently is a big issue in West Pittston.
  • It does have something to do with the heat.
  • It also has something possibly to do with someone in the area who may be doing a little internal signal boosting, causing some kind of feedback into the system.  Thanks neighbor!
Explanation in hand, my two visitors yesterday still did not fix my problem.  That, it appears, will have to come with the pole wiring being replaced in this general vicinity.  I was told that would be happening today, starting around 3am.  For the record, I see no evidence of Comcast trucks (or their workers) stringing wires.

Did I mention that the Internet service died about 10 minutes before my graduate class yesterday evening?  Yes, while I was trying to focus on the finer points about whether or not Emotional Intelligence can be taught, I was instead worried that I'd be booted from the virtual classroom, courtesy of Comcast.  Not a good experience.

The Internet was not working the this morning, for the record.

A small glimmer of hope has emerged from this all though, in that while on the Comcast International Roulette Wheel of customer service, a representative (named "Nina"...I think...) suggested that I disconnect the coaxial cable from the back of the router and then reconnect it.  That operation seems to restore the service...until it goes down again.

Somehow I'm thinking that if my payments were about as reliable as Comcast's Internet service I would have already gotten the boot.  Credit to me for being more patient than Comcast, which provides absolutely zero benefit for anything as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I just want what I pay...a lot...for, namely Internet service that works all the freak'n time.

Rant concluded.

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