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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maine Course, Day 4

On tap today was fishing (all of my photos are on the iPhone, as I learned my lesson about expensive cameras and water), Bass Harbor, more Acadia and just generally being exhausted.  In that order.

Anyway, you can't to go Mount Desert Island and not see Bass Harbor, home to this iconic Maine lighthouse:

Today was yet another foggy day (three of four days so far this vacation have been foggy), which made some of my photos look as if I had smeared Vaseline on the lens prior to snapping the shutter.  This is what I mean:

Yes, that is fog, not a bad photographer. Not all the days photos came out that way, as the fog was remarkably selective as to where it appeared.  A non-foggy picture:

Or this:

Okay, so there was some fog in that last picture, but you get the point.

All of the above are what could be described as "iconic Maine scenes".  I actually feel kind of silly having just written the words "iconic  Maine scenes" by the way, as it sounds, well, snobbish.  The reality of Maine though couldn't be further from the truth.  In point of fact this is one of the least snobbish vacation places I have ever been to, hands down.  Once you get past everyone riding bikes wearing those superman spandex outfits, everyone more or less looks the same around these parts (shirt, shorts, hiking boots/sneakers), although the crowd for Maine does tend to be slightly on the older side.

Tomorrow is the last full day in Maine, as we pack up an leave for Pennsylvania early on Saturday morning.  While I am looking forward to tomorrow's activities, which includes a whale watching cruise, I am also looking forward to a more normal routine returning.  Maybe, just maybe, one of the side benefits to a vacation is that it serves to remind you that the non-vacation, run-of-the-mill days are not all that bad, at least in my case.  

Tomorrow, being the last full day of vacation 2014, will also be the last vacation we take with Ms Rivers' family until at least the summer of 2016.  Summer 2015 already has two big events scheduled, and I'm sure those two big events will also be joined by many smaller events.  While what will be happening is exciting, it's also daunting to know that your next summer is already booked solid, even before this summer has concluded.  That's life in the fast lane I suppose.

And so it goes...

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