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Thursday, July 3, 2014

On the Beach, Day 3

Well the short vacation is almost done, and I have to say that it was enjoyable.  All that's left is the drive home.  These past few days reminded me of how much I love the ocean and warmer weather.  I am also rather proud of myself in that I truly and genuinely have managed to escape from some work stresses that will no doubt be there when I return.  It's all good.

On the Beach for day three things started with some bike riding and then degraded into a bit of resting before heading out to the actual beach for some more or less doing of nothing.  From there we went back to the room and Ms Rivers went down to the pool with her noble young son while I decided to de-sand while looking at new Sony DSLR camera bodies.  I got some ideas, but alas, nothing sparked my interest.

As a side note, we did stop at a local Best Buy yesterday, but the only Sony cameras they had were the NEX variety, which use the E mount lenses.  They are nice machines and I can get an adapter to use my A mount lenses on an NEX camera, but they are just not my style.  I want a full-featured DSLR, one that has a traditional feel to it.  Alas, I'm going to end up buying this on-line.

Back to the beach.

The evening was spent eating, playing miniature golf (I got creamed by a Compliance Director) and just generally lounging around the boardwalk.  Speaking of lounging around the boardwalk, it's always pretty neat to people watch, which as an introvert I truly enjoy (seeing as though I can watch without interacting).  One such spying of people yielded the following gentleman...

...who is either really brave or incredibly ignorant of history.  I will not take bets on either.   I will confess though that one day I will buy myself a stars-n-bars flag for the sole purpose of doing disgusting things to it.  It will be my little protest.

Have I mentioned that, despite my best efforts, I did manage to get some sunburn yesterday?  Specifically on my neck and ears.  I should have work a burka.

With the trip home in the works, the countdown begins for the "big" vacation to Maine.  

So long from the beach.

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