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Friday, August 1, 2014

Maine Course, Day 5

Full and final day five in Maine, with today's main course being whale watching. Rather than trying to describe the trip in words, here are just a few of the pictures I took.

Whales, like penguins, seem to love to be photographed, well at least from the rear-end.

It was a nice time, although I did end up with wind burns and a salty face when I returned to land. Oh, and hair that would make Beetlejuice proud. Anyway, nothing good was ever achieved without some hardship, and in reality, this wasn't a hardship.

From whale watching it was a final extended Rivers family dinner at the conveniently located across the street restaurant. Seeing as though I think lobsters are giant bugs that simply crawl on the bottom of the sea (as opposed to, say, your kitchen floor), that was not on my menu.  For the record I was in the minority, something that, from a food perspective, I am used to (having the dietary habits of a 6 year old boy).

As for now, it's time to start packing up for the long trek back to NEPA tomorrow morning.  We figure 10-12 hours between here and there, including a stop or three.  The stops will include a brief pit stop at the L.L. Bean store in Ellsworth, about 30-40 minutes from Southwest Harbor.  I need to upgrade my collection of socks, and what better place for that?

Peace, love, granola, high tide, green grass and lots of other nice stuff.

Good night from Maine.

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