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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maine Course, Day 2

Day two of the Maine vacation began as Day one began:  with me getting up at 5:30am. I simply don't sleep well normally, let alone in an "alien" bed.  Good thing I am a morning person!

On tap for today was a scouting trip to Bar Harbor to check out fishing and whale watching opportunities for later in the week, as well as the obtaining of tourist-y types of wares.  Both endeavors were successful for the record.  From there, Ms Rivers, her mother and father, her younger sister and husband and I set off for Asticou Gardens, which is near Northwest Harbor.  I have a soft spot for gardens and such, which I think is a product of growing up in a housing project, where the opportunities for such things were severely limited.  Anyway, it was a nice hike up some stone steps, some wonderful views, and of course flowers, flowers and more flowers.  Here's is a small sample of what we saw:

(view of Northwest Harbor while climbing up to the gardens)

(there were many flowers...and bumblebees)

(where we were at)

I'll be posting more to the Facebooks shortly, but this is a pretty good sample.   Have a mentioned I also have a soft spot for boats?

(I love little boats)

After the jaunt to the gardens, we retreated back to the rental house, where it was the responsibility of Ms Rivers and I to cook dinner.  Feedback on dinner was positive, and as of this writing no one has come down yet with food poisoning. 

This evening?  Outside of cleaning up and my poking fun at Hippster bands like Mumford and Sons, it has been pretty quiet.  

On to tomorrow...

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