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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stupid Things I Want To Do (before I die)

In no particular order, for no particular reason.

Monster Truck
Find one of those monster trucks...
...and ask the owner if I can push the button that turns the truck into a giant fighting robot.

Nerd Fest
Watch all the Star Wars movies in order (from Episode I to Episode VI). I think my previous Director at work, Jean, once did this.

Find someone who have a stars-n-bars license plate...
...and urinate on it.  Note that I almost did this at work, but then I realized that our entire campus is covered by security cameras.  But if there weren't any cameras...

ABBA Karaoke
Enough said.

Star Trek Wedding
Attend an actual Star Trek wedding...
...these things actually do exist.  I swear.  Complete with Borg best man.  For the record I'm not saying that I'd actually like to get married this way.

Complete Hair Cut
Just for kicks, I'd like to get my head shaved.  When I ponder this one word comes to mind:  hideous.

Tea Party Rally
I'd like to attend a Tea Party rally and see if I can get one of the participants to talk about how "the white race is being polluted by mud-colored people" or something equally vile.
It's not as if a racist would actually be all that difficult to find.  

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J Curtis said...

If youre alreadymaking a list, then how about putting the picture of Courthouse Square back up?