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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New York Times - OpEd, Defense of Marriage Act

Worth reading...

July 3 2011 NYT Editorial.

As an extremely heterosexual male, I know that people don't "choose" to be homosexual.  Who would? I know I never would, but that fact alone tells me that being gay is more a notion of who someone is at their core, not a flippant "choice" that is more a kin to trying to determine what flavor of soft-serve is tasty at the moment.  If we accept the fact that for the vast majority of homosexuals it isn't a "choice" in as much as it is a matter of nature, then why deny them the very basic notion of determining a legally recognized partner?

I don't favor any religion being forced to recognize gay marriage, but then again I don't favor any religion being forced to recognize any form of marriage that differs from their specific dogma.  This is no different that Catholics not recognizing the religious aspect of a Protestant wedding.  What we are talking about here are basic legal rights, not infringement upon religious practice.

Time to end DOMA, once and for all.

Oh, and a final note:  It's also time for President Obama to get off the legal and moral fence on this issue.  Come out strongly against DOMA or don't come out at all.  Enough with the "I'm against this but I won't say how I feel..." nonsense.  His wishy-washy fence sitting is nauseating.

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