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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Response USA

Thanks to Justin Vacula for reporting on this HERE.

Basically we have a sitting governor saying that evangelical Christian beliefs are the only real answer to the nation's problems.

Gee, will they let me recite a Hail Mary to the crowd if I feel that the United States needs the intersession of the Blessed Virgin?  Somehow I'm thinking NOT.  Same thing goes for all you Jews,  Muslims, Buddhists, and anyone else out there that do not subscribe to the King James version of the Christian Bible.

I am all for religious faith, if you have it.  Heck, I even have some myself.  What I'm not for is the government (of the Republic of Texas or anywhere else) basically condoning a very specific set of religious beliefs.


Justin Vacula said...

Thanks so much for sharing my article and enjoying it :)

I have said, on multiple occasions, that there people are free to express their faith, but the government/government officials shouldn't be endorsing it. Some people don't understand that for some reason though :\ Rick Perry could pray with this church or whatever, but he, as the governor, shouldn't be asking people to do so and linking his prayer events on the state of Texas' website.

JPW said...

A call to PRAYER is a call to prayer; let's leave out the prejudgements of whose prayer will be allowed. As I understand the
intent of the Founding Fathers of our Nation, it's the FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION we are all given.

I have yet to find wording in the
U.S. Constitution or The Bill of Rights that forbid an government
official from publicly expressing their religious convictions.
Also, I sincerely doubt that someone would be thrown out of Saturday's event for reciting the Hail Mary.

I thank God that there a Christians
with the COURAGE to voice their
sincere convictions inspite of the criticism that follows!

GRHS said...

Way to go JPW. Hey if a muslim or budist or Gods special chosen the Jew. Want to come and worship with us. Come on. They can pray to Jesus and our Father in Heaven. It would be great if they started worshiping the only God who created this world and is in control of this nation. Yes, we have the right to express our beliefs, just as the muslim and so many other different religions. This nation was founded by God. I peledge the allegiance to the flag one nation under God. This nation is heading on the road of desutruction and man has forgotten God. We as a nation have to repent of our sins and let God be in control. Without Him (Jesus) we are nothing. GRHS

Anonymous said...

Until you get JESUS, You'll never gonna get it. The Christian life is the ONLY WAY life makes since. May GOD have mercy on you and those you love, because Heaven and hell is a real place. Not because I say so but because THE LIVING GOD OF GENESIS SAYS SO. John 14:6&9