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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Response to Justin Vacula's Comment

I started to respond to a comment by Justin Vacula to a prior post (reference HERE), but since it was getting rather long in the tooth and touches on something important, I'm going to re-purpose the comment as a posting.  Oh, and it also creates some relatively "cheap" content.


Justin...thanks not required, but appreciated never the less.

I find this whole religion & politics things fascinating actually.  I'm not anti-religion and definitely not anti-faith.  What's more, I'm convinced that there is an inclusive  place for concepts like faith, science, religion and logic in our society.  The key though is tolerance.


That's what bothers me about The Response actually.  It reminds me of when I was in high school and couldn't afford the cool sneakers that the popular kids had...we all know that "outsider" feeling.  It's this notion that if you don't somehow subscribe to the religious beliefs of the Governor of Texas that you are in some way the "odd person out".  I'm not sure just how far about my own personal stances on faith and religion are from that of The Response host, but it doesn't actually matter, truth be told.  What matters is that The Response is clearly an "us" thing, with "us" being born-again evangelical Christians.

"It's about being an us for once, instead of a them" 
(from "la vie boheme").

Despite being having called a "high churchman" once, I have no objections to evangelical Christians or their belief system.  Heck, I have no objections to the those who have no belief system.  What matters to me is that the common denominators of our society...those things that should stand for "all" of us...shouldn't be design exclude "some" of us.

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