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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glenn "I am a flaming idiot" Beck Strikes Again

This one is courtesy of Dan Spak (you can find his blog on my blog roll), from the LA Times.

Glenn Beck hits new low

For the record I want to note that the following was my comment on the posting, as it appeared on Dan's Facebook page...

Stephen Albert Media whore, douche-bag, tea bagging former 'wacky morning zoo' DJ. He should be spinning Wang Chung records at some mid-western low power "All 80's" $hit-hole radio station instead of picking on dead kids.

Now I don't subscribe to much of what Dan posts, but I give him lots of credit for picking this one up.

If you are a conservative, it's my hope that you read what Glenn Beck said and say to yourself "why can't he be a liberal instead?".  If you are a liberal, I hope you understand that Glenn Beck isn't a conservative...he is simply insane.

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