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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Bloggers shouldn't tell anyone who to vote for, but then again party "bosses" do that all the time anyway via "endorsed slate of candidates", so what the I go.

I just wanted to encourage anyone who may be undecided for local races to consider two specific candidates.

Scranton School District:  Tom Borthwick
Tom is a young, passionate teacher who cares to the depths of his very being about educating students.  His fire and passion don't revolve around aspiring to higher office (as is the case for many school board directors, both now and in the past), but simply to improve education.  It's time also to get break the SSD mold of "middle-aged, white, Irish lawyers named O'Malley (or such)".  Tom is creative, energetic and basically a hell of a hard worker.  The Scranton School District needs him.

Lackawanna County Commissioner: Liz Randol
I absolutely, 100% guarantee you that O'Brien, Jeffers and Wansacz are all basically the same political head simply stuffed in different bodies.  NOTHING will change if you elect any of these folks, GUARANTEED.   It's time to actually bring someone into office who isn't just another middle-aged white guy looking for a stepping stone to higher office.  I've never met Ms Randol, but I think she's run an informative, inspiring campaign that truly breaks from the "county politics as usual" crap that was on display when, for example, Attorney O'Brien picked a running mate based solely on her last name and geographic location.  You can link to her site HERE.

Now consider the source of these "endorsements" for what it is worth.  However, if you are truly undecided, consider taking a chance and vote for Tom Borthwick and Liz Randol.

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