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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Response to Justin Vacula's Comment

I started to type a response to Justin Vacula's comment (on my last posting) of...

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Justin Vacula said...
What was Corbett up to now? :O

...but it got to the point where my comment was growing in length, so since I never lose the opportunity to create more content, I'm converting it into a posting.

Here you go:

Well at first it was "maybe he isn't really dead, so I need proof", then it morphed into "he was assassinated", whining that he should have been brought to trail. Excuse me, you don't "assassinate" a mass murderer like this.  You don't "bring to trail" a monster that has killed so many people.  bin Laden was sentenced the moment he proclaimed responsibility for the 9.11 attack (and the bombing in Kenya, and the attack on the U.S.S. Cole).  A trial would only serve to promote his agenda and ultimate martyrdom in the eyes of his sick followers.

"Assassinated"?  Assassinated my sour Kraut ass!  John Lennon was assassinated.  bin Laded was killed in the same way that a rabid dog running through a neighborhood  would be put down.  The only difference is that I'd have some compassion for the dog, as it didn't consciously decided to catch Rabies.

What upsets me the most though?  It's the stupid Haynas that call him who are incapable of actually holding a conversation with the guy.  He (Steve Corbett) basically just talks over them and most are, by and large, too stupid to argue with the guy point for point.  They also fail to understand that Steve Corbett ISN'T a "newsguy"...he isn't a "journalist"...he is a guy who simply acts controversial in order to garner RATINGS.

"Newsguy"?  No, Steve Corbett is a business person.  His radio show exists to garner advertising dollars for WILK.  He is not in the business of performing a public service.  That's it.  Nonsense like going from supporting uber-liberal Hillary Clinton to supporting uber-conservative Sarah Palin is proof enough that it's all "look at me, I'm so controversial" nonsense designed to impress advertisers with high ratings.  Steve Corbett's radio show is, in effect, the audio equivalent of roadkill.

The above noted, would I ever call Steve Corbett's show?  Of course not!  This is a guy who, the moment he senses that the discussion is not going his way, can magically just go to commercial, tap "Rusty Fender" for a traffic update or simply mute your audio.  When you talk to someone like him on his show, you basically go into the discussion with a tremendous disadvantage.  Why do it?  Unlike Steve Corbett, my ego doesn't require frequent stoking and/or validation via arguing with, for example, an 80 year old woman who keeps confusing "Osama" with "Obama".

One final point:  I have issues with what Steve Corbett proclaims on his job, not with Steve Corbett as a human being.  For all I know he is a great guy who is witty, charming and filled with common sense (unlike the pro-choice Hillary Clinton supporter who supported Sarah Palin).  My point is that when he goes to work he turns on AN ACT that I personally find repugnant the vast majority of the time.

Oh, and no, I do not listen to Steve Corbett very often at all.  That would be "feeding the monster". I will once in a while turn on WILK when I need a good laugh or when I am in the gym and need something to motivate me to get out that last sit-up.  A little anger can be very motivating.

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Justin Vacula said...

Thanks for the link and the response!